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I’m Matthew King… Under the Radar Business and Executive Coach, and sometimes considered a ‘success’ coach. I don’t consider myself to be above or below anyone, but my ideals generally tend to be much different than your average joe.

By nature, I tend to push others to think outside the box. And by nature, most people don’t like to be ‘pushed’ beyond their mental means. There is no harm in being held to a standard, and being expected to think outside the box, it just means that you are doing something about your life instead of letting life happen to you. If that didn’t make any sense, you may want to go back and check it out right quick!

Think about what you wanted to do as a kid… does it match what you are doing today?? Most people can’t say so. I’m not even to that point, and may never be, but if I never make it, it’s because I died making sure that everyone else could live their dreams. That’s where my passions lie, helping others, and being able to enjoy my own life, and when the day comes that I don’t enjoy what I’m doing… Then I’ll just have to change my philosophies on life won’t I??

As you roam my coaching site, notice what I do differently from others. I don’t flaunt my lamborghini’s and my mansions to make a point… I hate to see when people do that, and it drives me insane! 90% of them are stealing stock photos or digitally retouching photographs to make it look like they are doing MUCH better than they actually are. Don’t listen to them (I mean you can if you want to), they are only trying to push your emotional buttons to get you to buy their junk.

I will never sell you my philosophies, nor do I expect you to live by them. My philosophies are written and available at no cost to you. If and when you decide that something needs to change in your life, then you can call me, or email my staff, and we will set you up with a coaching program that is best suited to your needs.

Email me at to setup an an appointment and a FREE Strategy Session! I’ll make sure that you leave my care with a fully integrated strategy for living your life or building your business.  I will ensure you have a physical roadmap fleshing out the details of your every move, detouring you through every turn you may expect to encounter in life.

I’ll talk to you soon and often, take care, and may God bless your greatest success…

Matthew King

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