It’s Like a Reality Show

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I realized today that my life is like a reality show. It’s filled with stupid drama, and it just keeps on going, and going, and going….

In reality, I just have to think of my life AS IF I were in a reality TV show, and that one day, this “realistic” view of the world that I live in (where I work, work, and work even more)… will one day end.

I don’t mean “end” in a bad way, I mean that the work days will end, and the vacation days will begin.

You see, I yearn for the time that I can sleep in with my wife, go on vacation, visit relatives (the ones I like), and do fun energetic things…

This thing they call “work”… It’s a contract with devil. It’s voluntary imprisonment. You sit in a cubicle ALL day long staring at a computer, typing up documents, picking up tendonitus, all the while, your not able to live life on YOUR OWN TERMS.

I hate that idea. Why wouldn’t you want to live life on your own terms? Let’s face it, the world has us accustomed to working 40 to 80 hr work weeks and they have tricked us into thinking that thats the norm or status quo.

What is a 5 hour work day was the norm? Would we know any different? What if we all slept in until 8:30 or 9, woke up leisurely, had a cup of coffee (or hot cocoa cocoa), watched the news (or the weather), checked our income statistics online, made a few coordinations, checked in with our team leaders, and then, headed out for a morning bike ride?

Does that sound completley abnormal? For over 90% of the population (the same percent of the population that is driving their cars down the roads at 7am), this does sound odd.

For the other ten (10%), this is completley normal. This is the same set of people most of us complain about because they have nice cars, or nice houses with hot tubs and pools.

The difference between the 10 and the 90 is this: Drive, Determination, Leadership, and Vision… They see the world through a different set of beer goggles that most people can’t even comprehend or believe exists because of the metaphorical ‘bed’ they have made for themselves.

Guess what? Those who beleive, WILL make it somewhere in life, and those that constantly want to play devils advocate, will continuously steal the dreams of other potentially driven folks…

Stay away from them. They are evil in human form. They think they are just trying to help, and a lot of the times, they even have the best of intentions. The come in all forms: loan managers, your brother, maybe even your spouse… Sometimes, the closer they are, and the more you trust them, the harder it is to beleive what I’m saying, and the harder it will be to separate yourself from them so you can focus on the what could very well be the best days of your life.

I’ve personally seen the lives of others’ changed overnight. It takes a visionary, and someone with a cast iron will to succeed, but that type of life does exist out there. All you have to do, is get out there, and make it happen for yourself.

Start with your goals. Determine what you want in life. Determine if it’s worth fighting tooth and nail for. If it’s not, then find something that is.

Prioritize what you want in life, and determine what isn’t as important. If sitting and watching 5 hours of tv at night after an 8 workday is important to you, then stick with it. But if you think that you might be able to accomplish more in your life by watching 1 hour of TV, and creating new products and services with the other 4 are more important, then, you might want to re-think reality.

It is possible. And I challenge you right now. Write out your goals, and begin designing a strategy for your own life today.

If you have questions, email me, or comment on this blog feed to learn what it might take to really kick things into overdrive. I’m here for you.

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